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Our Ambassadors

Lamia Nowshin

“Shareout authentically sets up donation policies partnering up with any organization to aid consumers. Frankly, I did not come across such a platform formerly. I look forward to advocating for this initiative”

Sadat Hamid

“I feel proud to be a part of Shareout BD and embark on this wonderful journey to work on a platform that offers both reliability and transparency towards donations and non-profitable campaigns and see that those who are in need are getting the help the right way.”

Swapnil Hasan

“Working towards a better world is something I am strongly passionate about. ShareOut is an Amazing platform to reach the underprivileged population and create a definite change. I am honoured and humbled to be able to work with such an amazing team.”

Munaiba Ahmad

“From a very young age I’ve been passionate about helping others, which led me to my dream to study medicine and save lives one day. But as I grew older, I realized life was far more complicated than sick patients and hospital beds.”

Our Collaborations

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Why Choose ShareOut?

Simple Setup

Users can easily create their accounts and campaigns under 2 minutes.

Efficient and Shareable

Each campaign is available with all information regarding the cause and organizations. Campaigns are shareable on all social media platform for getting a bigger reach.

Transparent payment and withdraw method

You can now see the full balance of your account in one place and withdraw your amount in just 1 click.

100% Transparent and Effective

Organizers and donors both can track the campaign updates. Donors get notification of all the campaign activities that they have donated in.

Client Consultation

Our agents will answer all your questions and guide you through the process.

Full Report on Campaigns

After each campaign shareout provides a full report on the campaign for the donor and send it via email.

How ShareOut Works


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